About Notlim Technologies

Notlim Technologies (NotlimTech) has been in operation since November 2014. Our company started in the manufacturing industry as one of a few American-made golfing materials and equipment label providers. We were quickly able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors because we ensure excellent services focused on providing impactful results that reflect our core values.  We understand that in a good partnership, everyone is accountable. ACCOUNTABILITY simply means that all parties are providing materials and services in accordance to the stated agreement. Our next value is TRUST. We will deliver the required materials or services on time and within the agreed terms. Similar to trust – INTEGRITY defines the ethical stewardship of our responsibilities. We take responsibility for all facets of our value-added services.

Lastly, all the competencies are tied together and built upon a foundation of professionalism. PROFESSIONALISM means being responsible in all matters in service management. This will be accomplished by: being on time in actions and deeds and being a trusted steward in relationships that add value to our clients and partnerships. FAMILY, HONOR AND LOYALTY round out our core values. VALUES our partners can rely on.   

Our dedicated professionals work ethically with each client to execute and implement a tailored solution using “best in class” industry practices. Private sector clients, the federal government and industry will attest to the bold and innovative solutions we offer.

We provide solutions that not only streamline operations and efficiencies we also provide impactful cost savings for our clients.